17 June 2014

Lime Crime Lipsticks

Lime Crime lipsticks, probably one of last years most hyped up products online. Due to the fact that everyone and their dog was talking about them I became one of the many many people that gave in and purchased them. Oh the power of the internet. So just to state, I have had these lipsticks for quite a while now and, to be honest, they are not up there with my 
most worn BUT they are cute to look at.

I haven't included any swatches in this post because they didn't turn out so well, you get the general idea of what the colours look like here. 

Like most, the packaging was the main thing that initially attracted me to these lipsticks. Let's be honest a pretty sparkling unicorn would get anyone right? When these arrived I was slightly disappointed to to be frank. The actual lipstick packaging to me felt lightweight and a bit cheap, when you twist the lipstick up it doesn't take much effort and has a slight clicking noise (Okay maybe I'm nitpicking a bit but for the money you would expect this from a cheaper branded lipstick). I got the shades Geradium and Babette, Geradium impressed me the most out of the two. Both colours feel the same in terms of texture they are very creamy (too creamy for my liking) and appear to have high pigmentation. On application they didn't appear to slide on the lips as well as people were claiming, for me they were a little trickier to apply and I was finding myself using a lip brush, I often use a lip gloss on top of these lipsticks purely because they don't look far too over done one me if that makes sense. 

These colours are quite generic now, I'm sure you can pick something similar up in your local drug-store however, if its the packaging you want I will admit that Lime Crime's packaging is unique and I have yet to come across anything even slightly similar. All that being said, I probably will end up buying some more of these lipsticks as I'd like to compare the textures plus, if anything they make my dresser look nice. 

* * * * *

Have you tried and tested any of these lipsticks? 
If so please let me know your thoughts.

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