3 September 2014

Makeup Revolution // Blush Palette's

  A   M A K E U P   R E V O L U T I O N  

Well hello there! Let's jump right into this post because there is a lot of images to go through. I just had to have these new Makeup Revolution blush palette's. I've seen a couple of blog posts showing off these amazing palette's and knew I had to pick them up. They only cost £6.00 each, you can purchase them at any participating Superdrug stores on the highstreet, Superdrug Online and Makeup Revolution Online . I bought mines from the Superdrug on Princes Street, Edinburgh. 

A little bit about the brand ... Makeup Revolution is a new, London based makeup brand, launched earlier this year they produce excellent quality cosmetics at very affordable prices, starting at only £1. With more than 300 products to choose from your are sure to find something truly amazing. What they say ... 

"We Are SHADE. For everyone skin tone, and all of the shades!"
"We Are INCLUSIVE. Anyone and Everyone can join the REVOLUTION"

Okay, now onto the palette's. I picked up the only two that are available so far, Hot Spice and Sugar & Spice. I was surprised by the quality of these palette's, they have a nice weight to them and look nice and sleek with a glossy black finish. The palette's came in their own individual outer box which was sealed. Bonus! For me, this is a great feature because you know that your palette hasn't been tampered with or swatched. Inside they come complete with 8 different blush colours including 1 baked blush and 1 baked highlighter.
Unfortunately my swatch pictures didn't turn out so well but here are some pictures of both palette's: 

H o t   S p i c e

 S u g a r  &  S p i c e

Both palette's are extremely pigmented and have very strong colour pay off when applied. Be careful of how much you use. The harshness of colour may perhaps be a slight let down if I am being honest. You have to make sure you blend these colours right in otherwise they will look like you have waaaaay to much blusher on!

Nevertheless, I think these palette's are great for people who are either, just starting out with makeup or like me, a complete cosmetic fiend that just can't help herself when it comes to exciting new makeup.

Let me know if you have tried anything from Makeup Revolution and what you think of their products. 

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