31 August 2014

Label.M // Brightening Blonde Balm

H e l l o  B l o n d i e !

Hi guys! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Well it's Sunday night, which means it's Monday tomorrow. In light of that joyous news let me tell you what I think of this exciting new product from Label.m.

Label.m is a relatively new brand brought to us by Toni Mascolo and Sacha Mascolo-Tarbuck, part of the massive fashion hair care brand Toni & Guy. Label.m is also a creative, fashion inspired, award winning hair care range. 

"Our mission is to inspire and nurture creativity and individuality in our professional stylists and clients around the world" - Toni & Guy Website

I bought this the other day during my routine highlighting session at the hairdressers. I was immediately drawn to this product as it was on display right next to where I was sitting, they always do that eh? So, this product claims to strengthen and smooth out blonde highlights. It is suppose to keep your blonde hair looking fresher for longer, the smoother your hair looks the more vibrant your hair will appear. 

I think Label.m may have a range for other hair colours, be sure to check the website or pop into your local salon for more info on that. For now though, this product is for my fellow blondes out there.

Application guidelines say to apply one pump of this product to damp hair and comb through. I love using my Tangle Teaser. I had this product used on my hair at the salon then just decided to buy it. I've run out of my (current fav) Moroccan Oil at the moment so I figured this could be a good replacement, plus it was half the price of the oil! 

I have been using this for a couple of days now and I have to say my hair feels a lot smoother and appears to have a nice shine through it. I have blonde hair naturally but get slices of a pre-lightner put through it to keep it looking nice and bright and fresh. I really like this 'balm', it is banana yellow in colour and has quite a nice fresh scent to it. I like that the packaging is nice and small and has a secure sturdy lid and pump. You get 100ml of product which is just great, if you use one pump (depending on the length of your hair) at a time then this should last you quite a long time. 

I love trying out new hair products, I reckon you should change your hair care routine up a bit now and again. Label.m was introduced to me a while ago now but I am just getting around to experimenting with different products from their line. Also, another reason to maybe give this a try, I was informed that the majority of the stylists at my salon prefer Label.m products to Tigi. 

Label.m // Brightening Blonde Balm / 100ml - £13.73
Our mission is to inspire and nurture creativity and individuality in our professional stylists and clients around the world

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