31 August 2014

LOREAL // Color Riche Monos

H E L L O !

I hope everyone is well, I feel like I haven't blogged in ages! Today I thought I'd share with  you my swatches and thoughts on the new Color Riche Monos from Loreal. I picked these up a couple of weeks back so I've had time to play about with them. I only bought two of the colours because to be honest, I was a bit sceptical. 

I purchased mines from Boots and managed to get a Buy 1 get 1 half price deal but you can find these almost anywhere. I decided to get two neutral shades so that I could try them out on a daily basis. Can I just say I found it a little bit of a challenge photographing these eyeshadows as they have a very shiny, reflective, metallic gold front (fingerprint heaven). All part of blogging fun I guess! 

First of all, these eyeshadows retail for £5.49 each which isn't bad actually, considering you often get great offers with Loreal they end up being even cheaper! I opted for two shades from the Nude selection:

200 - Over The Taupe 
206 - Little Beige Dress

These products actually surprised me. I wasn't expecting great things to be honest but, yes Loreal! I've been reaching for these eyeshadows almost everyday since I bought them, they also work very well with my other eyeshadows. They feel very smooth when applied and have a nice shiny finish, be aware these eyeshadows can have fallout, approach with caution! They work well packed onto the eyelid with a stiff brush or blended into the crease with a fluffy brush. The two colours I got are quite shiny / sparkly but they do come in a variety of different textures just swatch around until you find one that suits you. 

Issues I have with this product. As you can see from the images one of the eyeshadows had broken, probably like this when I bought it however, once you swatch it around and blend it in the pan it kind of merges all together again. The other issue which is me being picky, is that you get fallout. Now, if you use this product damp this probably won't happen but, if your like me and rush half the time be aware! Last of all the packaging feels quite flimsy and cheap but, you get what you pay for and I think the sleek gold and black design makes up for the weight of this product. 

Let me know what you think of these eyeshadows if you've tried them! At this moment in time I can't think if anything to compare them to because they have a unique lightweight texture. 

P R O D U C T  B R E A K D O W N 

Brand - LOREAL PARIS      
Packaging - Plastic, Shiney Gold outer with black base
Colour Range - 20+ shades. Neutrals and Cool Tones

Texture - Smooth and creamy

Pigmentation - Medium - buildable

Blending - Nice transition, blends well with other eyeshadow brands and colours

Fallout - Yes

Longevity - 3-4 hours before product breaks down (no primer) 5 hours + with primer

Price - £5.49 (each)

Recommend? - YES 

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