16 August 2014

Yankee Candles #1

Yankee Doodle!

Hey lovely readers ! Some of you may have noticed that my blog has been undergoing some serious changes over the past few weeks, I have been playing around with various styling trying to decide what I want my blog to look like. I think I have finalised my blog layout now minus some small things here and there. Anyways I wanted to show you these Yankee Candles I purchased recently which were an absolute bargain! 

A couple of weeks ago Clinton Cards (UK) had special offers on on all of their Yankee Candles: 

Offer 1 - 25% off all Yankee Candles
Offer 2 - 3 for 2

If you are no stranger to Yankee Candles you will appreciate how much of a steal this was. I purchased three of the large jars (623g each) for under £30 - Pink Dragon Fruit, Turquoise Sky and Wild Fig. I couldn't resist this great buy and thought I would share with you all. I'm not sure if you can still get this offer but Clinton always tend to have some kind of offer on. Check your local store and online. 

Pink Dragon Fruit (Fruit Collection) - The ultimate girly, fruity, fresh, clean smell. My favourite Yankee scent of the bunch, if you haven't tried this one then I highly recommend giving it a go you'll love it!

Turquoise Sky (Fresh Collection) - If you love smells like Clean Cotton or Fluffy Towels you are bound to fall in love with this one, it's fresh but soothing at the same time. It has a rich luxurious blend and perfect for a sitting area.

Wild Fig - Okay, this is a new fragrance from Yankee. I wouldn't say it smells exactly like fig, I mean you do smell it a little but it reminds me of Autumn and cold winter nights. I can imagine being all cosy in my house on a cold winters evening with this burning in the background. 

I've been buying Yankee Candles for a while now and having tried several other brands and scents these have to be the best ones yet. The large jars actually burn for weeks, they last a very long time so even at the original price of £19.99 you still get your moneys worth. One thing to keep in mind about these candles is making sure that your wick is kept nice and short so that the candle can burn evenly without producing nasty black smoke. Also keep your jar clean so that the candle stays nice and bright when lit. 

That is my Yankee Candle set for now, if you have any questions please just ask.
Thanks for stopping by!

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