7 July 2014


Hello! So I quite enjoy reading these types of posts from other bloggers so I thought it would be a good idea to insert one of my own in case anyone is interested or is in need of some inspiration. What you see above is my top 5 favourite all time MAC products. 

MAC as we all know is one of the biggest makeup players out there and has been for quite some time now. I would say that MAC isn't really high or low end makeup, for me it sits in the middle. That being said, they have bumped up there prices quite a bit over the past few years. Narrowing my favourite products down to just five was no easy task as I am a class A MAC makeup junkie and I had to be realistic with my choices. 

1. MAC LIPSTICKS - Okay, I chose the lipsticks because 1. I have lots of them and keep buying them, and 2. MAC do some amazing colours and textures. MAC certainly know a thing or two when it comes to creating fabulous lip wear, the packaging it simple but sleek and looks good as far as branding is concerned. The lipstick range is quite vast so make sure you do your homework before purchasing one (or three), look on Google and YouTube for swatches before you commit yourself. The original black bullet style tubes are around £15 each with the exception of limited edition shades which tend to be more expensive. MAC also make various other ranges which are a bit more expensive again, do some research before you buy. 

Colours to check out - Lady Danger, Milan Mode, Morange, Speed Dial , Peach Blossom

2. MAC PRO LONGWEAR CONCEALER - Concealer is something that is very important to me, personally this one in particular is unquestionably perfect! Pro Longwear is a liquid based concealer that blends impeccably into the skin without leaving a cakey mess, it doesn't crease around the eye area and is amazing at covering up scaring or blemished skin. It comes in an array of great colours. You get 9ml of product inside the little glass bottle which also comes with it's own pump. One pump tends to be just enough to cover under the eye area and then around the face. I would highly, highly recommend this product to anyone that wants a great concealer that last's on the skin without creasing or clogging up. And by the way I use this concealer everyday and have had the same little bottle for about 3 months (maybe longer), again you can check online reviews of this product for reference. This product has bounced up in price from the last time I purchased it, it now retails for £17 but I guess considering the longevity its still worth it. 

3. MAC MAC PAINT POTS - Probably one of my most favourite makeup products. For some strange reason I really love primer, wether it be for all over the face or just the eyes. The MAC paint pots are great for under eyeshadow or they do some beautiful colours if you just want to wear them alone. You can also smudge these under the eye for a smokey effect or use a more neutral tone as an eyebrow fix. I find that some of the shimmery paint pots crease so you may want to set some eyeshadow over the top to prevent that but, for the most part they last a long time on the eyes and in your makeup collection. Again, around the £15 mark for these. 

Colours to check out - Painterly, Soft Ochre, Bare Study, Dangerous Cuvee, Quite Natural

4. MAC CREAM COLOR BASE - Your probably sitting wondering why I have included these on my top 5 list, the answer is simple, they are amazing! My first ever cream colour base was Shell (light pink shimmer) it is brilliant everything highlighter, I don't think I've came across a look yet that it didn't go with. You can use these for so many things including; general highlighting (cheekbones, brow bone, cupids bow etc.), eyeshadow base, primer, mix with foundation and lipstick. All the colours in this range are amazing I will list the names below for you to have a look at. I don't think this product gets enough credit it is one of the best cream highlighters on the market, they retail for £15.50. I'd just like to point out that the colour base range also does solid matte shades also but this particular section applies to all the highlighting shades. 

Colours to check out - Shell, Luna, Pearl

5. MAC PRESSED PIGMENT - Last but no means least is the pressed pigment range from MAC. These came out not to long ago but have been made part of the permanent collection, they come in so many beautiful colours it's just too hard to choose! They are basically loose powder that has been compressed into pan form, for me this makes using this product so much easier. The pressed pigment colour range is different from the original pigment jars, personally, I think the pressed pigments are better but thats just me. I will say this, the pressed pigments are defiantly very shimmery and sparkly and are a lot chunkier than the original pigments however, they are gorgeous. A little more on the pricer side they retail for £17 and come in 14 different shades. So if you are looking for something a little bit different and exciting then check these out. 

Colours to check out - Blonde Streak, Angelic, Sweet Acting

I hope that has been somewhat helpful to people that are looking for something a little bit different or want to try something new and are not quite sure. If you have composed a list like this please leave me your links in the comment box so I check out your lists. 

Thanks for stopping by, speak soon! 

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